Quick Basic, Visual Basic 5.0, VB 2010 and EXCEL Implementation quidelines

In this section contains:
  1. QBASIC implementation details for all 21 programs.
  2. Visual Basic 5.0 implementation details for 4 programs: VBTrain, VBslinshot, VBKuiper and VBVirialTh
  3. EXCEL details for 7 programs: Circ11.xls (Circ12.xls ... Circ16.xls), GRotC.xls, FindPrim.xls, Mond.xls, Bigbang3.xls, onoff.xls, pensioen.xls and planet1.xls

QBASIC implementation help

If you like you can download a QBASIC translator, qbasic.zip (282 K, Zip file). A translator allows you to enter and run a program, but not to create an executable (.EXE) file

If you want to download a QBasic compiler select the following: All my programmes are written with that compiler. A compiler allows you to enter and run a program and to create an executable (.EXE) file

You can also try Compiler 7.1 (4868kB Zip file) This compiler supports the same statements as 4.5 plus many more. The performance is also better.

You can down load the programs in two ways:
As source code, in the form of .BAS files
As an executable, in the form of .ZIP files
Before you down load two things are important
If you have a QBASIC compiler, you can down load:
  1. programs 1 - 21 as .BAS files. 21progbas.zip (65 K, Zip file).
  2. Each of the 21 programs separately. See below

If you do not have a QBASIC compiler, you can down load:
  1. programs 1 - 21 as .EXE files. 21progexe.zip (243 K, Zip file).
  2. Each of the 21 programs separately. See column "QBasic zip" below
    Each zip file contains both: *.EXE and *.bas
  3. Support program BRUN45.EXE brun45.zip (54 K, Zip file). This program is required for anyone of the 21 QBasic programs

Program Description listing QBasic Zip VB 5.0 Zip
Light bending around the Sun light.htm light.zip VB Light.zip
Mass of a Galaxy mass_gal.htm mass_gal.zip VB Mass gal.zip
2 Body Simulation two_body.htm two_body.zip VB Two_body.zip
Length Contraction train.htm train.zip VB Train.zip
Virtual Position of Gravity Waves virtual.htm virtual.zip
Two Slit Experiment two_slit.htm two_slit.zip
Hubble's Law with 3 Stars hubble.bas.htm hubble.zip VB Hubble.zip
Sun movement galaxy.htm galaxy.zip
Absolute Speed of Solar System vsun.htm vsun.zip
Sling shot effect slinshot.htm slinshot.zip VB Slingshot.zip
Changing of time with 3 Objects timex.htm timex.zip
How planets form around the Sun solar.htm solar.zip VB Solar.zip
Twin Paradox twin.htm twin.zip
Galaxy in 2D gal_2d.htm gal_2d.zip VB Gal 2D.zip
Galaxy in 2D with MOND gal_mond.htm gal_mond.zip VB Gal MOND.zip
Field Radiation radiate.htm radiate.zip
MM experiment mmx.htm mmx.zip VB MMX.zip
SR Experiment with 4 Trains sr.htm sr.zip
Big Bang simulation bigbang.htm bigbang.zip VB BigBang.zip
Shor's Algorithm simulation (1) findprim.htm findprim.zip VB FindPrim.zip
Kuiper belt binaries kuiper.htm kuiper.zip VB Kuiper.zip
Virial Theorem virialth.htm virialth.zip VB VirialTh.zip

(1) Program 19 Shor's Algorithm is also availble as an EXCEL spreadsheet program

VISUAL BASIC 5.0 implementation help

If you want to down load the 10 Visual Basic 5.0 Programs as .EXE files select: VB exe.zip (138 K, Zip file).
This zip file contains the following programs:
VB Train.exeVB Train operation
VB Slingshot.exeVB Sling shot effect
VB Kuiper.exeVB Kuiper belt binaries
VB Gal 2D.exeVB Galaxy 2D operation
VB VirialTh.exeVB Virial Theorem
VB Fibinacci50.exe Fibonacci benchmark
VB Performance.exePerformance Benchmark
VB FindPrim.exeFindPrim Benchmark

If you want to excute a Visual Basic 5.0 Program you have to download the Visual Basic 5.0 Run-Time Files Msvbvm50.exe
This extraction file contains the following files:

Msvbvm50.dll, Oleaut32.dll, Olepro32.dll, Stdole2.tlb, Asycfilt.dll and Comcat.dll
which are stored in the directory: C:/windows/system (Windows 98) or in the directory C:/windows/system32 (Windows XP)
For a copy Goto: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;180071

The following VB 6.0 programs are available as Zip files:
VB BHmerger.zipMerger of 2 Black Holes
VB FGalaxy.zipFractal Galaxy program
VB Hubble.zipSimulation of Two stars and a third to challenge Hubble's Law
VB HVstars.zipHypervelocity Runaway stars (HVSs) and Black Holes
VB Light.zipLight bending around the Sun
VB Mass gal.zipVisible Matter and Dark Matter
VB Newton C.zipSimulation of Newton's Law with force of gravity propagation
VB Two_body.zipSimulation of two objects based on observations

VISUAL BASIC 5.0 program operation

The basic operation of all VISUAL BASIC programs is identical. They all use a STRART button, a CANCEL button and some additional control parameters.

VISUAL BASIC 2010 implementation help

If you want to down load the Visual Basic 2010 Programs as .EXE files select: VB2010 exe.zip (128 K, Zip file). This zip file contains the following programs:
1. Fibonacci.exe Fibonacci benchmark
2. FibonacciPP.exe Fibonacci benchmark PP Parallel Programming
3. Planet.exeCPU performance Pentium 4 Part 2
4. Planet1.exeCPU performance Pentium 4 Part 2
5. PlanetPP.exeCPU performance Pentium 4 Part 2 PP Parallel Programming
6. PlanetS.exeCPU performance Pentium 4 Part 2
7. VB2010 FGalaxy.exeFractal Galaxy program VB FGalaxy
8. VB2010 FGalaxy PP.exeFractal Galaxy program VB FGalaxyPP Parallel Programming
9. VB2010 Performance.exePerformance Benchmark
10. VB2010 FindPrim PP.exeFindPrim Benchmark PP Parallel Programming
11.VStest1.exeCPU performance Pentium 4 Part 1
12. VStest2.exeCPU performance Pentium 4 Part 1

1.VB2010 Maze exe.zip Create your Maze Without Using Labels
2.VB2010 FindPrim QC.zip Quantum Factoring Performace EvaluationPP Parallel Programming

EXCEL implementation help

There are eight EXCEL programs available:
    • CIRC11.XLS belongs to a group of 6 programs: Circ11.xls, Circ12.xls, Circ13.xls, Circ14.xls, Circ15.xls and Circ16.xls
      Each program simulates 5 different flat rotation curves.
    • For a copy of all 6 programs select: circ.zip
    • For a description of all 6 programs select: circ11.xls.htm
    • FINDPRIM.XLS is the same as QBASIC program 19: FINDPRIM.BAS "Shor's Algorithm simulation".
      To get a copy in zip format select: findprim.xls.zip
    • For a description of FINDPRIM.XLS select: findprim.xls.htm
    • GRotC.xls calculates a Galaxy ROTation Curves.
      For a copy of the program in zip format select grotc.xls.zip
    • For a description select grotc.xls.htm
    • mond.xls simulates the MOND algorithm
      To get a copy in zip format select: mond.xls.zip
    • For a description of MOND.XLS select: mond.htm and go to paragraph: Reflection part 5
    • onoff.xls simulates ON OFF control in order to generate random numbers.
      To get a copy in zip format select: onoff.xls.zip
    • For a description of ONOFF.XLS select: onoff.xls.htm
    • pensioen-geboortejaar.xls & pensioen-generatie.xlssimulates the evolution of a pensioen plan
      To get a copy in zip format select: pensioen.xls.zip
    • For a description of PENSIOEN.XLS in Dutch select: pensioen.xls.htm

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