Program 5: Virtual Position - wave propagation

Introduction and Purpose

The reason of this program are the following three questions:
How does Sound propagate ?
How does Electromagnetic propagate ?
How does Gravity propagate ?

This program shows the apparent (virtual) position an object:

  1. when Sound is considered.
  2. when Electromagnetic is considered
  3. when Gravity is considered.

Operation During the simulation you can select the following keys.

  1. Right key: To move the angle of movement of the object clock wise.
  2. Left key: To move the angle of movement of the object counter clock wise.
  3. Up key: To increase the speed of the object.
  4. Down key: To decrease the speed of the object.
  5. Esc key: To stop the simulation

The display shows:

  1. The Observer at the present position identified with the letter O
  2. The present position and direction of movement of the Object identified with a white arrow.
  3. The virtual position of the Object is identified in a circle of dots, as:
    1. White dots - when sound is considered
    2. Magenta dots - when electromagnetic force is considered.
    3. Yellow dots - when gravity is considered.

Program: VIRTUAL.BAS source

In order to retrieve the source select:VIRTUAL.BAS
To see the program listing select:VIRTUAL.HTM
Execution file select: VIRTUAL.EXE and: brun45.exe

Technical Data

Last modified: 9 September 1996

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