Gravity Waves

Question 1

In which direction points my gravity wave detector or compass?

Question 2

What is the speed of gravity propagation.


The purpose of this question is to get a clear picture about the physical behavior of gravity waves.


For Question 1 the answer is identical as for Electromagnetic wave propagation.
The mathematics that describe each should be highly similar.

For Question 2 the standard answer is the speed of light.
The book The Reality, Now and Understanding demonstrates, that the advancement of 43 arc second of the aphelion of the planet Mercury can be simulated by Newton's Law, if the speed of gravity propagation is approximate 100 * c.


9/9/95 : If you want to be "exact", you have to take all the four (speed of our galaxy, sun, earth and moon) into account.
9/9/95 : There exist no direct experiment that will measure the speed of gravitational interaction.
9/11/95: There exists no experimental evidence that the speed of gravity propagation is equal to c.
27/6/96: Any gravitational change is propagated at the speed of light.

Origin: 30 June 1996
Modified: 14 April 2000

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