The Reality, Now and Understanding

"The Reality, Now and Understanding" is the name of a book by the author of this site.
In order to get your own free copy in the form of ZIP files select Download Now.
The book consists of: text (.TXT files), programs or simulations (.EXE files), and figures. Figures are the results of some of the simulations. There is one special program supplied (BOOK.EXE) in order to read the book and to perform all the simulations.

The subject of the book: physics and astronomy, is the same as of this site, but in more detail.
As part of the book a broad range of simulations of many physical and astronomical subjects is supplied.
One subject of this book is the forward movement of the long axis of planet Mercury. This is done with the aid of simulations for one complete revolution of the long axis of Mercury

The solutions found depend on certain parameters and are called horseshoe orbits.

  1. In one class of solutions the curve of the aphelion stays on the right side of the Sun
  2. In one class the curve starts on the right side, moves to the left side, back to the right side and the left side until it reaches the starting point. The curve truly resembles the shape of a horseshoe.
  3. In the last class the point of aphelion of Mercury makes a complete revolution with a small dip on the left side.
The following pictures show those three solution classes:
S stands for the Sun. M for Mercury when at aphelion. The point of aphelion moves counter clockwise.
                        ......                   ....  
                      .        .              .        .  
       ...           .          .           .           .
      .   .          .    ...    .         .             .
      .    .          ...    .   .         .              .
   S   .   M              S  .   M          .      S      M
      .    .          ...    .   .         .              . 
      .   .          .    ...    .         .             . 
       ...           .          .           .           .
                      .        .              .        . 
                        ......                   ....

        1                  2                       3

The results of three of those simulations for a short period of 100 years is shown in: Simulation of the forward movement of Mercury

The total forward movement of the perihelion is 573 arc secs per century

The Reality, Now and Understanding in HTML format

If you want to read my book in html format please select the following link:
The Reality, Now and Understanding.

However you cannot execute the programs online in this manner
If you want to execute the programs using html format proceed as follows:

  1. Create a directory NOW in the C disc: "C:\Now"
  2. Create a sub directory EXE: "C:\Now\Exe"
  3. Read the following file into this subdirectory (321 K) This file contains all the programs.
  4. Create a sub directory HTML: "C:\Now\Html
  5. Read the following file into this subdirectory (139 K). This file contains all the text in html format of the book.
  6. Create in directory HTML a sub directory BAT: "C:\Now\Html\Bat
  7. Read the following file into this subdirectory (3 K). This file contains links inorder to execute the programs of the book.
  8. Create a sub directory FIG: "C:\Now\Fig
  9. Read the following files into this subdirectory: The two optional files are important when you use those programs and want to study the figures.
  10. Extract the programs and files from each ZIP file in each subdirectory.
  11. In order to read the "Book" offline start from NOW_INDEX.HTM in the subdirectory HTML
  12. Optional. Send the author an e-mail with your comments.


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