The book "The Reality, Now and Understanding" consists of:

Text and Simulations and Figures.

Text is the written part of the book subdivided in chapters. What you are reading now is one of those text chapters, also called index or home chapter. This chapter services as an index or starting point to read all the other chapters.In paragraph 2 an overview of all the text chapters is discussed.

If you are not familiar with how to read this book select H

Simulations are used to make the reality visible. There are many different Simulations included in the book. Most simululations consist of one or more tests. Which each of the Simulations there is also text to explain the simulation and the different tests. In paragraph 3 an overview of all the simulations is discussed.

Figures are the results of the Simulations stored in files.


The text of the book "The Reality, Now and Understanding" is saved in text files. Text files all end with .TXT and are saved in the directory NOW\TXT

The following text files or chapters are supplied, which should be read in the order indicated:

  • README.TXT is the only file also supplied on paper. The chapter explains how to install the two installation diskettes and how to execute the program BOOK

  • BOOK.TXT In order to read the text of a book the program BOOK has to be used. This chapter gives more help information how to use the program BOOK.

  • INDEX.TXT This is the text you are reading now. This chapter services as an index to the other chapters.

  • FOREWORD.TXT gives background information about the why of this book. It explains for who this book is written.

  • CHAPTER1.TXT gives information about some basic physical laws. Topics discussed are change, speed and acceleration.

  • CHAPTER2.TXT explains force and Newton's Law.

  • CHAPTER3.TXT explains that gravity propagation does not act instantaneous but takes time.

  • CHAPTER4.TXT explains the movement of the planets around the Sun.

  • CHAPTER5.TXT explains the movement of the planet Mercury.

  • CHAPTER6.TXT explains the movement of the binary pulsar PSR 1913 + 16

  • CHAPTER7.TXT is of a philosophical nature.
    The following topics are discussed:
    Schrodinger's Cat

  • PROVE.TXT explains how we can prove (test) our description of the reality.
    How to prove something is discussed in the following topics:
    Dark Matter
    The fourth dimension i.e. time
    Zeno's (third) Paradox

  • END.TXT is a conclusion and explains the relation with the Relativity Theory.
    The following additional topics discussed:
    Speed of gravity propagation.
    The big bang
    The Universe
    Physical Laws
    Time Machines

    For reader feedback: 11 Questions.

  • LITERAT.TXT This chapter contains a Literature List.

  • AUTHOR.TXT gives a little background about the author.

  • HIGHACC.TXT explains how the use of accumulators can improve the accuracy of the simulations.


Simulations are programs to simulate the reality. With each Simulation there is also text. All the Simulations (tests) are done as part of the text chapters explained above. That means when you follow the text chapters you will do all the Simulations. However you can also select the Simulations individual.

The following text files of the Simulations are supplied:


This is the last paragraph.

When you have read all the chapters and performed all the tests and demonstrations then it becomes time to take a rest, do whatever you like and enjoy nature.

Maybe during this time of reflection you can think what your opinion is about the book. If you fully agree with the author or not. If the book is clear and unambigous or not.

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