Program 11: Changing Time using Newton's Law

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of this program is to demonstrate that the changing of time using Newton's Law. This is done with 3 objects m0, m1 and m2.
The objects m0 and m1 move towards each other and the object m2 moves around m1
What the demonstration shows that the revolution time of m2 is not fixed but a function of the speed of m1.
This program is base around the question: What is time and a clock

Operation For simple operation:

For more complex operations:

The display shows:

  1. 3 objects m0 (red), m1 (green) and m2 (white)

Program: TIMEX.BAS source

In order to retrieve the source select:TIMEX.BAS
To see the program listing select:TIMEX.HTM

Technical Data

The whole simulation is based on Newton's Law.
Special accumulators are used to increase accuracy.


What the program shows is that the concept of changing time is not limited to the realm of Special Relativity but can also be simulated with Newton's Law
The question of course is does time really change of is it the behaviour of a clock or process that is the issue.

Last modified: 26 September 1996

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