Program 1: The bending of Light around the Sun,
Using Newton's Law

Introduction and Purpose

The reason of this program is the following question: How does Light behaves around the Sun ?

This programs shows how a lightray moves around the Sun. The radius of the Sun is R.
The method used is Newton's Law. The concept "Speed of Gravity" is taken into account.
The concept behind the program is to have three objects:

a Star at great distance to the Left, the Sun in the Middle and an Observer to the Right.
                    ....      xxxxx                      *
               ....          x     x                    Star  
          ....               x Sun x
     ....                    x     x
   O                          xxxxx           
Observer                  Configuration 1
The lightray starts from the Star, moves towards the upper rim of the Sun, is bended around and moves towards the Observer. It is the object of the program to calculate the angle with which the lightray is bended using Newton's Law.

Program: LIGHT.BAS source

In order to download the source select:LIGHT.BAS
To see the listing select:LIGHT.HTM
Execution file select: LIGHT.EXE and: brun45.exe

The same program is also written in Visual Basic 5.0
For a copy select: VB
For a description select: VB Light operation.htm

Program 1: Technical Data

The program only uses Newton's Law.
The mass of a photon is considered zero.

The direction of the force of gravity is calculated under two different conditions

Created: 9 September 1996
modified: 20 January 2003
modified: 22 January 2016 Added VB

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