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The article starts with the following sentence.
A virtual particle is a theoretical transient particle that exhibits some of the characteristics of an ordinary particle, while having its existence limited by the uncertainty principle.
This sentence should be changed into: "A virtual particle is a transient (temporary) particle that exhibits some of the characteristics of an ordinary particle."
To mention "the uncertainty principle" does not make sense. It existance or non-existance cannot be described by that law.

1. Properties

2. Manifestations

3. Feynman diagrams

4. Vacuums

5. Pair production

Virtual particles are often popularly described as coming in pairs, a particle and antiparticle which can be of any kind.
Okay. Except IMO it is better to remove the word "popularly".
These pairs exist for an extremely short time, and then mutually annihilate, or in some cases, the pair may be boosted apart using external energy so that they avoid annihilation and become actual particles, as described below.
My understanding is that a virtual particle (pair) is the result of an annihilation.

6. Compared to actual particles

5. See also

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