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1. History

2 Parameters

3. Formula

4. Black hole classification by Schwarzschild radius

4.1 Supermassive black hole

4.2 Stellar black hole

4.3 Primordial black hole

5. Other uses

5.1 In gravitational time dilation

5.2 In Newtonian gravitational fields

5.3 In Keplerian orbits

6. See also

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Reflection part 1

The Schwarzschild radius does not describe a physical concept, in a sense that physical processes depent about the Schwarzschild radius. The only thing that we know is that objects which are smaller than the Schwarzschild radius are becomming invisible for human beings, but this specific radius says almost nothing about the internal processes that take place inside the object (BH). In fact the actual radius of the BH can be much smaller as the Schwarzschild radius.
See for more infomation "Reflection part 2"
See also Event horizon - Reflection 1

Reflection part 2

The following table contains the Schwarzschild radius of certain astronomical objects.
The table is divided into two parts. The first part is calculated assuming the the radius of the BH is the Schwarzschild radius.
The second part is calculated assuming that the density of the BH is the same as the density (rho0) of the Sun.
Name m0 rs 1 vol 1 dens 1 dens 2 vol 2 rs 2
Sun 1 2945 1.07 E+11 1.86 E+19 1.86 E+19 1.07 E+11 2945
Earth 3.003 E-6 8.844 E-03 2.898 E-6 2.062 E+30 1.86 E+19 3,214 E+5 42,491
BH 1 100 2,945 E+05 1.07 E+17 1.86 E+15 1.86 E+19 1.07 E+13 13670
Milky Way 3.6 E+10 1.06 E+10 4.993 E+30 1.435 E+6 1.86 E+19 3.852 E+17 4.514 E+5
BH 2 1.36 E+8 4.005 E+11 2.692 E+35 1005 1.86 E+19 1.455 E+191.515 E+6
Andromeda 1.9 E+8 5.596 E+11 7.340 E+35 515,1 1.86 E+19 2.033 E+19 1.693 E+6
NGC 4889 2.1 E+10 6.185 E+11 9.910 E+41 0.04217 1.86 E+19 2.247 E+21 6.126 E+6


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