49 Questions

In this document 49 questions are discussed.
The layout of all questions is almost identical.
Each question consists of the following sections:

The reason of the questions is three fold:

Eagerness to know should be the same for every human being. The author has this urge since his youth.

At this site you will find only questions and not the answers. At least that is the intention. The main reason is that knowledge starts from facts and from clear definitions. Based on those facts you can describe laws. Finally in order to describe deeper insights you can define new theories. The major problem is there is a lack of facts i.e. clear descriptions of the results of measurements and experiments. That is why many questions are related to get the facts. The other questions are related to clear definitions. The problem is also that the author does not know the world-wide accepted definition and understanding of many words and concepts. See also the next paragraph Faq.

The third reason to a certain extend upsets the author. The problem is that there are too many books (and articles) written. Sometimes too many books by the same author. Often too many books (or articles) about the same subject with the emphasis on laws, mathematics and theory and very little about the facts. Also many books are presented that you will find there the final truth, the solution of everything, it is going to explain everything and it is the last one. Half a year later you will find out that this was not true because a new book is written, mostly with the same information as the previous one and some new facts and interpretations. A different problem that in many books it is different too distinguish what is general accepted knowledge, what is new and what is the opinion of the author of the book. The author is definite allowed to have an opinion, however it is important to know how many people support what is written and if there are alternatives.

The above would not so bad if authors would state in their next book the following:
"Look what I have written in my previous book is not completely true, contained some errors, has some omissions and was not clear. New information has come to my attention to change my opinion etc. Here is a new book (edition). If you own my previous book you get a deduction. "

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