Nicolaas Vroom

Operatie Manna - Operation Chowhound


Nicolaas Vroom

Brrr 1945

Acryl on canvas
80 by 30 cm
Voor de tekst in het Nederlands kies: Dutch

The above picture shows what I remember my self from the food-droppings or "voedseldroppings" in the Netherlands in the period between 2 and 7 May 1945 in Bussum when I was 3 years and 2 month old. The food-droppings in this case took place in Hilversum. The airplanes are USAAF airplanes.
The painting is a combination of 7 images. It is much more a round scenic view than a flat picture.

To complete this picture you can see my own feed at the bottom of the picture.
During Operation Manna or Chowhound 11 crew members died.
Let us remember them in silence.