Comments about the article in Nature: Quantum world may be intuitive.

Following is a discussion about this "News" in Nature Vol 532 14 April 2016, At page 160, by Elizabeth Gibney
In the last paragraph I explain my own opinion.

This article is about the video game "Quantum Moves". In the same Nature Vol 532 there are two more articles about the same issue:


With particles that can exist in two places at once, the quantum world is often considered to be inherently counter intuitive.
The issue is much more exactly what does it means and how do we demonstrate that.
Now a group of scientist has created a video game that follows the laws of quantum mechanics, but at which non-physicist human players excel.
For the results of my experience with this video game go: Quantum Moves - Experimental Data
But the work also suggests that the human mind might be more capable of grasping the rules of the bizarre quantum world than previously thought.
I doubt this. The game is nothing more than a simulation of a physical process (at least that is the intention)

"Human advantage"

What abilities humans bring to the mix is unclear.
I have the same objections.
Although an interset in physics seems to correlate with ability in the game success did not correlate with years spent studying quantum physics.
My intuitive feelings are the same.


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Created: 30 March 2014

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