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The best way for every human being to have a rich life is to stay open to as many different opinions as possible, by listening, reading and studying. By doing that we will all benefit.

Knowledge requires to define the concepts we use as Clear as possible. Understanding as such we define: The more facts (detail) we know, we learn, the better we understand.
At this site you will not find any answer on the question why the reality is the way it is. For example why does the Earth turns around its axis. On the other hand we can study the movement of the Earth and see if its rotation rate is increasing or decreasing. In order to do that we need a clock (gyroscope). However we have to be carefull: the clock has to be accurate i.e. stable.

To increase our Understanding of the Universe we will try to describe for example the movement of the planets more accurate. Newton's Law and Einsteins Theory of Relativity gives an answer on that question. Again those Laws do not give an answer on the question why. Neither gives an answer like: The reality is caused by the Laws of Nature. Those answers can even be highly misleading: You replace one (vaque) concept by an other (vaque) concept.
One strategy prefered at this site is to use the most simple concepts as possible to describe the reality. The Theory of Relativity is not simple. As part of this Theory it describes the concepts like mass, length and time. One parameter used is speed, which in turn is a function of length and time. This makes understanding of that theory so difficult.
Your author prefers Laws solely based on observations, whatever the implications.

There is also a contest at this site.
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