Our Galaxy

Question 1

What is the current direction and speed of our Galaxy.

Question 2

What is the current position of Our Sun relative to this direction.

question 3

What is the current direction of the Long axis of Mercury.


It is the opinion of the author that the future path (movement) of the planet Mercury depends about the current speed of the Sun through space.


The following is a picture of our Galaxy with the Sun S and Mercury M.
              x                  O = Centre of our Galaxy 			
         x         x             O - x0 = Reference line
      x               x          O - v = Direction of Galaxy
     x      v          x  M      v1 = projection of v in
           v1.        n  . M1         plane of Galaxy 
    x         O         S        S = Sun
                          n      M = Mercury at Aphelion
     x                 x         S - M = Long axis 
      x               x          nSn = Line of node 
         x         x             M1 = projection of M in 
              x0                      plane of Galaxy 
The Sun moves in the direction of the arrow. Speed is 250km/sec
  1. Question 1:
    1. Length ov
    2. Angle v, O, v1
    3. Angle v1, O, x0
  2. Question 2:
    1. Angle S, O, x0
  3. Question 3:
    1. Angle M, S, M1
    2. Angle between M1,S and O,x0


No answer for the above 3 questions.



Last modified: 21 December 1995

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