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8 September 1996
Did not have time to read it all, but like it's presence.
5 November 1996
I enjoyed reading your homepages.
17 November 1996
You are too modest, you don't even have your name on your Web site.
29 November 1996
Are you the author of all of this? I spent half an hour visiting, and then bookmarked it. When I have more time, I'll visit again.
3 December 1996
Great site.
13 January 1997
Your homepage covers many topics about which I seek to know more. In time I will be sure to read all that you have to say and express my thoughts and opinions also.
15 January 1997
I am very happy for your site.
4 February 1997
The purpose of this note is to thank you for setting up this forum for those of us who are not scientists or astrophysicists but never the less have a desire to learn about and understand the theory and ramifications of relativity.
I do plan to respond to the questions that have been posed on your webpage and perhaps submit critical comments.
13 March 1997
Enjoying your site a great deal. How do I get a copy of the book?
15 March 1997
How may I order your book? I did not have time to review the material on the Internet, however I have an interest in knowing more about you and your materials. Your response will be sincerely appreciated.
9 April 1997
Your home page. (wow !). There is so much in it! When I have more time (that's a rash promise), I want to browse it at least a little.
24 April 1997
I am a student in England studying A level cosmology. I happened to come across your page and found it most interesting.
30 April 1997
Nice web page.
28 July 1997
Who are you? I am a 15 year old high school student and found your page while looking for stuff on blackholes. I found your page just so interesting. I have always been interested in science and space but this takes it to a whole new level for me and I was just wondering who has the knowledge to put a page like this together.
19 September 1997
A friend found your page and called me (Siclone) to say that you had connected to a poem I wrote and so I had to check it out.
I appreciate the context you put the poem in at the end of an exhaustive collection of resources on subjects somewhat arcane to this ol' political science major but fascinating all in all.
23 October 1997
I must congratulate you on your web page. I look forward to reading all your papers.
31 October 1997
Found your home page. Huge!
20 November 1997
You have a very interesting and informative set of pages!
3 January 1998
I enjoyed your site. It contains a massive amount of information, and what seems to be a lot of research.
4 January 1998
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how interesting your site is.
11 January 1998
Wow! I surfed in looking for an interesting science project question and will spend a better part of a year here learning. Thanks for the good work
8 June 1998
About the speed of light
I feel it is possible to go beyond the speed of light. I mean what gives? Light is similar to sound, and we have traveled faster than that. How can a speed of one type of energy set the limit for all things to come. I respect Einstein's theories but I don't see what he was thinking when he made that theory.

Michael, age 14
3 September 1998
I openly profess to 99.5% ignorance of 100% of the content of your site. I have gone through portions of the site and found it to be of great interest. I will continue, as time permits, to spend more time on it. It is very informative.
8 September 1998
Your page is very interesting and it has many topics that interest me, but I don't have the compiler to work with the computer programs. Could you send me the executables files?
28 October 1998
I am a little concerned about the length of your form. I would like to cooperate, but I would also like to know if you are challenging any of the accepted views on physics as it is presently explained. I do not have a problem with that, but from experience I have tended to find that such disagreements can prove extremely dangerous and damaging to one's career. Before I say much more, I would though like to know who I am talking to. Am I to assume that you are a professional in this field ?
7 november 1999
A wise man is a master of belief and a slave to knowledge. Great site
2 december 2014
Knowledge is unlikely to create happiness for those who live in the delusional world of religious belief since acquisition of knowledge will destroy the delusion. This may have unsettling psychological consequences for those who have lived for many years in a mythological fantasy world but now armed with knowledge would have to face the real world without the psychological crutch of religion that had previously provided them with comforting support.

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