Answer question 3 - Lambda = 0,01155

This document shows the path of lightray starting close to the Big Bang which reaches the observer NOW.
The light ray is calculated using the Friedmann equation.
The parameters of the Friedmann equation reflect the most recent situation. For background information select this link: Background

In order to test the accuracy of the simulation use the CAMB Web Interface
Make the following modifications: Now select GO
The results are: Age of the Universe = 13.707, Omega_M = 0.267011 and Omega_Lambda = 0.732989
Which is close to the results below:
Age of the Universe = 13.74, Omega_M = 0.266837 and Omega_Lambda = 0.733163
Excel parameters
Figure 1
c = 60 Lambda = 0,01155 v0 = 3
Figure 1 A
c = 60 Lambda = 0,01155 v0 = 3
Figure 1 B
Figure 1 C Detail
Figure 1 C shows the detail of Figure 1 B in the range of 0 to 1 billion years.
  • The black line represents the 100% distance line.
  • The blue line shows the light ray starting from the Big Bang which reaches the Observer now.
The dashed line in Figure 1 B shows the Hubble sphere. This is radius where the recession velocity is equal to the speed of light.
Observe that this is the maximum distance from both the blue and the green line.
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