Visual Basic 2010 Fractal Galaxy Programs: "VB2010 FGalaxy" and "VB2010 FGalaxy PP"

The programs VB2010 FGalaxy and VB2010 FGalaxy PP are in Visual Basic 2010 which both use the concept of a Mandelbrot Set to simulate the Universe consisting of Fractal Galaxies.
Using the mouse you can select different parts of this Universe, enlarge the dipslay and new galaxies will appear ad infinitum.
For an explanation of the Mandelbrot Set See: Mandelbrot Set

The two programs "VB2010 FGalaxy" and "VB2010 FGalaxy PP" are identical. The only difference is that the second uses Parallel Programming and the first not.
For all specific information about Parallel Programming select Program: VB2010 FGalaxy PP. This document also discusses performance issues.

This same program is also implemented using Visual Basic 5.0. To get more information go to: Visual Basic 5.0 Fractal Galaxy Program: "VB FGalaxy.bas"

To travel through this Fractal Universe select the following picture.

In total there are 13 pictures. Each picture is an enlargement with a factor of 10. The part that is enlarged is in the center.

VB Program: "VB2010 FGalaxy" Operation

The program contains two forms: A Control Form and a Display Form.
The Control Form is used to control the program. The Display Form shows the result of the simulation.
FGalaxy The Control Form contains 3 commands: Start, End and Stop
  • The Start Command is used to start the simulation.
    After the Start Command is selected the End Command changes into Stop Command
    At the end of the simulation the Stop Command changes back into End Command
  • The End Command is used to terminate the program.
  • The Stop Command is used to terminate a specific simulation.
There are the are three ways to operate the program

VB Program: "VB2010 FGalaxy" source

Visual Basic Program: "VB2010 FGalaxy"

The Visual Basic program: "VB2010 FGalaxy" consists of the following subroutines:


The program shows a Universe consisting of Fractal Galaxies. However this Universe does not represent the reality.
The truth is that no physical phenomena can be accurately described using the "Mandelbrot Set" or Fractal concept, including the Universe.


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First Release: 4 July 2012
Updated 8 Augustus 2013
Updated 15 April 2016

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